TFASA | Test Flying Academy of South Africa
TFASA | Test Flying Academy of South Africa

Test Pilot & Flight Test Engineer Training

We are known for training the best students from around the world to the highest levels required by their organisation.

Our flight test training curriculum includes a variety of professional flight test and academic courses. Instruction is performed by our training staff, which include Class 1 Test Pilots and Graduate Flight Test Engineers.

Training conducted in South Africa is done under authorization of the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA), with a valid Part 141 Aviation Training Authorization (ATO1514).

TFASA offers one-year graduate courses, as well as modular short courses. All standards and regulations are covered, e.g. MILSPEC, FAR and EASA. Special courses are also presented, tailored to a customer’s specific needs.

Flight test facilities include instrumented aircraft with onboard data recording capabilities and real time telemetry links to a ground station, as well as variable stability simulators. Aircraft include various ex-military fighters/trainers, aerobatic, single and multi-engine civilian, as well as single piston and twin turbine helicopters.

We train pilots, flight test engineers and instrumentation specialists, giving them the skills and understanding they need to take their place in the exclusive world of professional flight testing, ready for the role that awaits them and the challenges ahead. We teach them how to take an aircraft, its stores and its systems to the limit – while safely and effectively achieving their mission.


  • Graduate, Class 1, TP/FTE (FW & RW)
  • Class 2 (FW & RW)
  • Modular Courses

    • Performance
    • Handling Qualities, Stability and Control
    • Modern NWS and Avionic Systems
    • Flight Test Instrumentation
    • Introduction to Flight Testing
    • Flight Test Management
    • Digital Flight Controls
    • Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E)
    • Upset Recovery Training