TFASA | Test Flying Academy of South Africa
TFASA | Test Flying Academy of South Africa

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Contact us now and experience what we can achieve together. Our home base in South Africa is any pilot’s dream, with great weather and airspace for all kinds of flying operation, from flight testing to training missions. We are truly independent, with access to all the fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, ground equipment, instructors, specialists and support operations we need to deliver the broadest range of services.

We draw on our network of international partners and governments whenever required. We can carry out your training in South Africa, or set up in your home nation – alternatively you can combine the best of both options. We will be there for as long as you need us, whether that is for a week, or a complex five-year programme.



Anderson Street, Hangar 3, Oudtshoorn Air Field
Oudtshoorn, South Africa

We are operational worldwide