TFASA | Test Flying Academy of South Africa
TFASA | Test Flying Academy of South Africa


As the only independent test pilot school outside Europe and the Americas, at TFASA, we do things differently.

We put our clients’ needs first whilst ensuring that all students are at the heart of each course. We tailor our course content, resources and delivery methods to meet your requirements, rather than assuming every customer will be satisfied with a ‘one size fits all’ approach. All our operations have local government support, ensuring that our agile and flexible services come with the highest levels of professionalism, certification and adhere to all the regulations.

TFASA was formed in 2003 to meet the highly specialised flight test training needs of domestic and foreign aerospace industries and governments. TFASA provide a spectrum of training courses ranging from the Class 1 graduate course for test pilots and flight test engineers to a wide range of short courses for test pilots, engineers, programme and project managers.

Furthermore, the Company also provide very detailed and specific technical courses such as flight test instrumentation design and implementation, flight control systems design and evaluation courses.

We are a dynamic company that focuses on innovative and technology driven solutions for our clients. We have a young team of employees driving our company objectives with passion and are encouraged to think out of the box and challenge conventional thinking and ways of doing things.

We invest a great deal in our staff, not just from a capacity building and training perspective but also from a character-building perspective.

We put high emphasis on:

Level of Experience

Agile and Dynamic Service





Our vision is to provide a world class service to our global clients by unleashing the full potential of test pilot training and certification and integration with other business information systems. We also strive in creating true and reliable business intelligence to enhance the business decision making process.

Core Values

Our core values are focussed around our people and our clients. We encourage our staff to be agile, decisive, efficient, proactive, and passionate about our work. We want our customer to see us as authentic, dynamic, adaptable, loyal, responsive, professional, and exceptional in everything we do. As a company we remain committed to the highest standards of ethical business conduct. These values guide everything we do.

We are operational worldwide